Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Rainy afternoon

Day started nice enough, so I went to the shops early, just before 10 am. However, cloud rolled in and it's now chucking it down. So, out came some more photo albums and I added another 15 to the list. Total now at 158. I also unearthed pictures of one of our old cats, Thomas, who died in 1988. He is shown as a young cat, with two exceptions. He was an unneutered tom, with the inevitable results of fights and wounds. And kittens. No, he didn't have them, silly. His mates came round to show them off to him. I'm not kidding.


preciousone25 said...

That's SO funny that Thomas's mates came to show him the kittens.... maybe they wanted child support... LOL!!!  I've never heard of that... LOL!!


carolelainedodd said...

Awww he looks lovely.
He looks a lot like our Lucky.

Another horrible day again here as well.
Enjoy the rest of today.

rjet33 said...

We had cats that look like him, one was named Smut and the other Licorice.  He was a beautiful cat.  I had four, now am down to two.  ::sniff::

Have a great day!~


lsfp1960 said...

Thomas looks like he was proud of all his "accomplishments."  Back in those days they didn't make a big deal about spaying & nuetering.  We gave my son a male puppy when he was three yrs old (1974).  We never even thought of having Frisky neutered so over the years, he happily fathered many puppies up and down the street we lived on. Obviously those female dogs had not been fixed either.  Fun memories...Linda in Washington state

kirkbyj05 said...

I enjoyed imagining Thomas's ' feline girlfriend' strutting into view with her tail held high and her kittens tumbling after her to meet their 'Dad'.  That must have been a sight to behold.  Lol!
He was a handsome critter.  He was so black I'm sure he was never noticed by the girls late at night until it was too late.  Wicked fellow!


ceilisundancer said...

He does look as if he was pretty content with his life:)

Cute story about the kittens being brought around.

pprrrr39 said...

Awwwww what an absolutely adorable little thing.
hugs Jayne