Friday, 23 May 2008


Headed for Arnhem, some 3 miles from here, at 9.40 this morning with the objective of buying a few bits and pieces. As per usual, my memories of the place did not quite square with the current situation. The suburbs were much the same, except that an old school had been torn down to be replaced by a replica building.

The city centre had been turned upside down, and I have to admit, for the better. Until recently, Arnhem's city centre had been austere and grey, especially on rainy days. Remember that in 1944 and 1945, the city was severely damaged in fighting between Nazi and Allied forces. The utilitarian approach was adopted for reconstruction, leaving a dreadful muddle. Fortunately, the shopping precincts have been extensively modernised, the traffic flow regulated, and you can park your bicycle for free, with somebody looking after it in an underground ... erm bikepark.

Found the things needed in just over an hour, and headed for home the long way. Which my dad decided meant going all the way up the Zypendaalse Weg, which is uphill all the way. Pretty steeply. You end up near the Zoo on the Schelmse Weg, but you're knackered by the time you reach there. From there, it's another 3 miles back home.

Nice sunny day today, with a breeze. There is a glider aerodrome some 6 miles outside Arnhem, and today's conditions are absolutely perfect. So, we can see gliders hovering a couple of miles north of here.

No pictures.


mutualaide said...

Guido, your leg muscles are going to really 'be something!'

sybilsybil45 said...

That is one thing I would just LOVE to do Guedo..have a go in a  glider...have you ever been up ?  I would think it would be so peaceful just the wind rushing by...In the hot air baloon it was actually quite niosy especially when they were "firing up"..talking about noisy as I write this there is a police helicopter going round and round above my house!! wonder what they think I am up to !!  maybe looking for Mary....thats what I say anyway !!  Hope you are having a wee rest this afternoon after all your exersions... Take care   Love sybil xx

carolelainedodd said...

Isn't it strange how places are never how you remember.  Time marches on doesn't it.
How cute to have a bikepark.
You and your dad must be very fit.!!! You make me tired just reading about your riding.
Take care Guido.

lsfp1960 said...

I now live within 5 miles of both of my childhood homes.  It's amazing how some things have changed a lot and then there are other things that remain the same. I'm sure that's what your experiencing.  Since Bob was over there a few years ago, he talks frequently about the side lanes for bikes and small motorcycles and also the bike parks.  That area certainly is innovative as far as relieving traffic congestion where the U.S. is way behind the times. Linda in WA

jeadie05 said...

Dont you think ,everything from ones childhood appears to have shrunk ,Sometimes its not a good idea to go back Jan xx

lurkynat said...

Dear Guido,
My deepest Condolences with the sudden loss of your dear mother.
She must have been a truly great person.
l have been thinking of you.
Your friend natalie

pprrrr39 said...

Awwwwww love the idea of the bikepark   :o)

Yes everything seems to move on as we get older..... buildings get destroyed and some horror ones seem to take there place, dont get me wrong while i realise that we have to move on with the times it seems such a shame that our children will not see some of the things we did.
hugs Jayne