Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday 3 May

Joined my father in church this morning, and also joined the church choir, knowing how short any choir is of tenors. Yup, that's me. The vicar pointed out the further merits of the 23rd Psalm, other than one sung at funerals or sad occasions.

As I type this, it is raining nicely, something that is actually needed. Tomorrow's weather should be a lot better, which would help in Remembrance Day events. Remembrance Day in Holland is celebrated on 4 May, being on the eve of the day the country was liberated from Nazi occupation in 1945. At 8pm, a nationwide two minutes' silence will be observed. In the afternoon, I shall be joining people in the Heathlands at a memorial to a crashed WW2 bomber. One of two remaining Lancaster bombers will conduct a fly-past in honour of the crew of the crashed Lancaster. Other afternoon commemorations will take place at sites in the Veluwe forests where resistance fighters were summarily executed during the Second World War.


Jan said...

The 23rd psalm is beautiful especially when sung to the crimond ,it seems to tye all family occasions together Jan xx

Lori said...

It sounds like you are managing to get a lot of enjoyment out of your visit. I'm sure your father was pleased and proud to have you lend your tenor to the choir. Would love to have heard you!