Saturday, 2 May 2009

Saturday 2 May

Initially a sunny start, but cloud has increased as the afternoon progressed. Temperature at Deelen aerodrome, 6 miles north of here, is 17C / 63F. The repercussions of Thursday's attack on the Queen's Birthday parade in Apeldoorn continue to be felt. It was reveiled today that the attacker died of brain damage. Traces of cannabis were found in his system, but no alcohol. It should be pointed out that cannabis can remain in the body for weeks after last use. Cannabis, however, is also known to precipitate psychotic events in people with a predisposition towards that. Whether this contributed towards Mr Tater's act is unknown and only speculative at this stage. Members of the Royal Family are visiting the injured in hospitals in Amersfoort, 27 miles west of Apeldoorn, and Arnhem, a few miles from my position. Public discussion, including on national television, is continuing apace.

The residents of Huissen, the city where Mr Tater last lived, are getting mighty fed up with the attention of foreign media. Huissen is not a large place, located a few miles southeast of Arnhem on the banks of the Rhine river.

Huissen, as pictured by myself on 13 July 2008.


Linda's World said...

The whole incident is just tragic for all concerned. After many days of sun & warm temps, I woke to showers and 60* today. At least I get a break from yard work today. We continue to hear of new cases of the Swine Flu here in the US. Even locally, several schools closed this last week. Linda in Washington

Cathy said...

I certainly have empathy for the residents of Huissen, no close-knit small town needs that kind of brash interference of the media. They come in like a herd of elephants with no direction except to be nosey.