Thursday, 7 May 2009

Queen's Day - follow-up

The man who was responsible for 6 deaths, as well as his own, by crashing into the Queen's Day parade in Apeldoorn a week ago was buried yesterday. It was attended by ten members of his family. They have expressed their total bewilderment and incomprehension how their family member went completely crazy.

The Royal Family are also still traumatised. Pieter van Vollenhove, the Queen's brother-in-law, actually celebrated his birthday on 30 April (he turned 70). Speaking at a conference on safety, he admitted that he was still struggling to come to terms with events on that day. Queen's Day, a day of harmless frolic and fun had now lost its innocence. It would continue, but not quite the way it always was.

Tomorrow, a service of remembrance will be conducted at Apeldoorn. It will be broadcast live on national television. It will hopefully bring some sort of closure to the immediate aftermath of that traumatic day. The reverberations of the events on Queen's Day 2009 will continue to be felt for years to come.

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