Friday, 8 May 2009

Friday 8 May

Quite a bright day, but cloud is increasing as is the wind. The Hebrides had a force 9 gale yesterday (according to my contacts there), so my force 5 to 6 is nothing in comparison. The rainfall radar shows a line of rain marching into the western provinces as I type, and it will be here before 6pm (it's 4.20pm now).

As I've already mentioned on Facebook, I'm rueing my 11 mile foray from yesterday - on account of severe cramp - but would not have missed the walk for anything. If you want to see more pictures, you can nip over to my alternate Flickr-account.

Tonight, a remembrance service will take place in Apeldoorn, to remember the 6 people killed on April 30 during the Queen's Day parade in that city. A man drove his car through spectators at 60 mph, killing four on the spot, two died later in hospital, as did he himself. The service, in Dutch, will be relayed on from 20.25 local time, that's 18.25 GMT.

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Cathy said...

Who could forget April 30th...seemed impossible for anyone to be going that fast, still ppl aren't thinking of those they're about to injure and kill. So so sad. Yet meaningful in that we have to be reminded, try and work harder to keep it from happening time and again as it does. Btw you must be ok cause your word verif says "phine" LOL!