Thursday, 7 May 2009

Crossing the Veluwe

Before we were kicked off AOL (who are they again?), I used to write this blog under the screenname of veluweman. Veluwe [pronounce: Fay-lew-er] is the name of the large area of wood and heath, stretching the 45 miles from Arnhem to Zwolle in eastern Holland. Today, I went on a foray right across the southeastern part of the area, in the company of my father and sister. At 11 o'clock, we jumped on the 43 bus from Velp (our nearest sizeable town) all the way to Loenen, which is 13 miles away to the north. On the way to Dieren, we noticed the stork nest on a tall pole in full use; one bird was incubating, whilst the other was standing guard. After stopping for a while outside Dieren railwaystation, the bus continued round Dieren town centre, then on through the villages of Laag Soeren and Eerbeek to Loenen. Arrived there at 11.45. After a cuppa, we went on our merry way back at 12.15.

We followed a cycle trail as far as the Eerbeekseweg, the halfway point near the hamlet of The Imbosch. It was quite varied, passing through woods and open heathlands. The mile or so along the Eerbeekseweg, an unmetalled road with cycletrack, was less than inspiring. Once at The Imbosch though, we could veer off the beaten track and make our way south across the Heathlands (as I call them in translation). It was quite busy with walkers and cyclists (it's a holiday week), but nobody beyond The Imbosch. The clouds had dissipated by then, and it got quite warm. Formal reports from Deelen AFB, 6 miles away, state we got up to 18C / 64F this afternoon. Returned home at 5pm. Heard five different cuckoos, saw plenty of flowers, trees in leaf, dung beetles and ants.

Will post pictures later.

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