Wednesday, 6 May 2009

6 May

Twenty to one in the morning, and I'm still at this machine. Chatting to friends, catching up on blogs, tweets, events in my region in Scotland. I read that a councillor in the Western Isles got his Gaelic badly wrong, and instructed his fellow councillors to remove their clothes, rather than his intended injunction to switch off all mobile phones.

This blog is a lot to do with looking back, and today will be no exception. A year ago, I was preparing to leave Lewis for the first time in more than 3 years to return to Holland for my mother's funeral, the anniversary of which will be this Friday.

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Linda's World said...

I do remember when your mother passed. Even though it will be a sad time, I hope all of you remember lots of happy times with your mom too. Those are what keeps those of us left behind going. I took sign language for a couple years and part of what the instructor taught us was the signs that had very close meanings to each other, one would be a good sign and the other a not so good sign. The deaf were very capable of signing the bad sign and watching to see if the hearing person caught on. She wanted us to know all of the ones that were similar signs but meant two different things. I bet that councillor had a red face when he realized what he'd done.