Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday 5 January

A crisp start to the day, with a virtually cloudless sky until after lunchtime. Went to the Epiphany service at the local church, bringing the season of Christmas to a close. The Christmas tree in the church was taken down after the service, as there will be a funeral from there tomorrow. It lay rather forlornly by the side of the road outside. We went on a walk to the Watchtower in the Heathlands, a total of 9.1 km or just over 5½  miles. The Watchtower stands on a high elevation of 350 feet above sealevel, on the rolling plains of the Heathlands. It's one of my favourite spots. It was very busy in the Heathlands, with people walking their dogs, or just themselves. When we got there, the clouds started to move across, creating a beautiful mackerel sky.

P1056638 P1056641 P1056647 P1056652 P1056657 P1056660 P1056662

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