Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sunday 12 January

We started off by attending church, but it was rather cold and foggy. There was a slight frost, which resulted  in a hoarfrost, plenty of rime on plants and cars and the like. It took until midday before the fog lifted. We went for a walk to Biljoen Castle and the adjacent town of Velp. As we came down the hill, the temperature slowly fell and the hoarfrost returned. It was quite cold at Biljoen Castle, but in the built-up area of Velp the mercury appeared to be a little higher.

Today, the death was announced of Ariel Sharon, former general and government minister of Israel. I am indifferent to his passing, neither sad nor joyful. Mr Sharon, lauded by his friends and loathed by his enemies, has done little for the cause of peace in the Middle East and is in fact one of the many people that the region could have done without. He was in coma since early 2006, and his death will change nothing.

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