Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Monday 30 December

Quite a nice day to start with, but as the afternoon wore on, the cloud moved in from the west. Had to have a look round the local church at lunchtime, followed by a lunch at the Posbank restaurant, some 5 miles to the northeast. We went there by car, a challenging drive, with some very tight curves. Once at the Posbank, you have great views to the east, and you can even see the church at Elten, just across the border in Germany, and even the pylons on the bridge at Emmerich, 20 miles away.

In the church

PC306501 PC306502 PC306510

At the Posbank

PC306518 Elten
PC306514 Queen on her bike

PC306520 PC306522

PC306523 the restaurant

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