Saturday, 11 January 2014

Friday 10 January

Quite a reasonable day, with some sunny intervals. In the afternoon, we took off on a walk to the Zypenberg, one of the hills north of Velp. It is referred to as the Veluwezoom, the fringe of the Veluwe, which is the end moraine of a glacier from the last ice age. The glacier melted some 10,000 years ago, but it gouged out the landscape, leaving hills and valleys behind. The Zypenberg and, just over a mile to the east, the Posbank (where I was on 30 December) stand at the top of the end moraine. Between these hills and the River IJssel to the east lie some very steep slopes. The roads (some closed to motorised traffic) tend to get closed to all traffic at times of heavy snow or ice. Anyway, we managed 9 km this afternoon and returned just before sunset, now at 4.45pm.

P1106732 P1106737  P1106742 P1106743 P1106754 P1106753 P1106757 P1106759 P1106761

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