Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Not much to write about this week, just a few bits and bobs. I may work the Vlieland photos into videos, will have a look at that tonight.

This morning I jumped on the bike and went down the hill to Arnhem, 3 miles or 20 minutes away. Needed to buy some shirts. The cuffs of my previous ones were destroyed by a corroded watch - sounds strange perhaps, but my corrosive perspiration had taken the outer layer off my watch, leaving a rough edge. This rubbed against the cuffs of my shirts, taking away the stitchings. Rather unsightly.

At coffeetime, a relative came to call, and we had a couple of hours of chat. The weather was quiet, not too cold, not too warm, about 70F.


carolelainedodd said...

Sometimes it's nice to not have anything going on, to just chill out.
I hope you got your shirts.
Sounds like you had a nice visit over a cup of coffee.

jennyp51 said...

Put some clear nail varnish on the metal bits and it should stop the corrosion.  I have to do this with some watches as they irritate my skin and i get sore and itchy.
I suggest you might like to get a female friend to buy it for you.
Jenny <><

lurkynat said...

hey do you like Arnhem? And did your grandparents talk to you about its' history during the war/