Monday, 9 June 2008


Another warm and fairly sunny day, although high cloud is making a marked appearance. This is in anticipation of a major change later this week, which will see 20 degrees Fahrenheit slashed off our temperatures. Currently at 80F, by the end of the week down to 60F. A northerly blast will cool things down - temporarily. Hopefully, through the following week, things will warm up a little.

Been very busy with an exercise of selling stuff on Ebay. Old issues of a children's comic which were just gathering dust in the attic. So I put them up. All the costs involved have basically cancelled out any profit - I was not expecting much at any rate - not to mention all the hassle.

Went out for an amble at 6.30pm, when it was still quite warm. My digital thermometer has gone on the blink (yesterday afternoon, it told me it was 45F whilst in fact it was more like 80F), so I don't know how warm it actually was. After some pathfinding in the park, we headed out along the ring road to have a look at the refurbishments which are due to be completed on Friday the 13th.


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carolelainedodd said...

We keep meaning to sell stuff on EBay, but we've never got round to it!!!
It's been another scorching hot day here as well.
I wonder if the refurbishments are on schedule.  Not a good day Friday 13th to be doing anything.!!!!!
Take care