Wednesday, 11 June 2008

High and low

Went out for a little tour on the bicycle this evening, and it just went to show how hilly the area actually is. The route took us from Velp up to the Zijpenberg, which is 90 metres or 300 ft above sealevel. A fiendishly steep little road then plunged us back into the next village, Rheden, which (like Velp) lies beside the River IJssel. A riverside ride concluded a rather varied outing, which took us an hour and a half. Enjoyed an icecream from a parlour in Rheden. It was noticeably colder this evening. The clouds threatened showers, but none actually developed. Some pictures can be seen here.


rjet33 said...

Very lovely photos.  I love the one of the sunrays coming through the clouds.  Beautiful country.



P.S.  Thundering here, hope we finally get some rain.  We are in a drought!~

kirkbyj05 said...

Another lovely tour of your homeland Guido.  I liked the stork's scaffold held nest in your photo album. Better than rooftops or chimney's.  Yes?


lurkynat said...

wow you are pretty good on that bike!:)