Sunday, 22 June 2008


At 2pm this afternoon, the city of Arnhem and environs (I'm 3 miles away) were battered by severe thunderstorms. Lightning struck the overhead cabling for the electric trolleybuses, but it was the hail (1 inch hailstones) which stripped trees bare of leaves, caused flooding and temporary fog. My village, which lies draped across hills, saw spectacular scenes of tree-choked lanes, 2 to 3 inches of floodwater cascading down hills, carrying rafts and rafts of hailstones. Cars were damaged, and some windows were smashed. As I type, 2 hours later, banks of ice still lurk around. For a moment, the scene was reminiscent of winter.

The website for the local radiostation is inaccessible due to excessive demand.

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sybilsybil45 said...

My this summer ???  Thankfully today has been nice and sunny although we are having very strong gale force winds which apparently is quite rare for this time of year....Love Sybil x

rjet33 said...

We had a hailstorm here too not too long ago.  It was the same night the funnel cloud went OVER us.  Thank God it went OVER and never touched down!  I was afraid it had damaged my trucks and we didn't have insurance on them at that time.  Thankfully, we do now!  Wow!  One inch!  Sheesh!  You have some really good pics in this entry (not to say you don't in other entries, that's not what I mean).  I particularly like 14, 16, 24, 27, and 29.  :-)

Thanks for sharing!~