Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Cooled down

Temperature has taken a bit of a tumble, down to 18C / 64F today, as opposed to 25 C / 77F of recent times. The sun is taking a backseat today, shrouded by scudding low and dark clouds. No rain, and we do get some glimpses of the sun. There is also quite a bit of wind so quite a transition. Read a report about a jury in Australia who were dismissed from a trial after they had been concentrating on their Sudoku puzzles rather than the trial. Trial by Sudoku, made me laugh actually.

The European Championships Football are taking place in Switzerland at the moment, and after Holland gave the World Champions Italy a 3-0 drubbing, the "Orange" furore is gathering even more momentum. It is worth bearing in mind that Queen Beatrix is a member of the house of Orange, hence the pre-occupation with that colour. When you spend € 15 (£ 10 / $ 20) in certain shops, you get a Welpie (a miniature lion figurine). Each time. Spending € 100 leaves you lugging 6 of the things home. The worst expression (to my mind) is the roarshirt, which shows a lion's head. When you lift the front, the image changes to a roaring lion's maw.


carolelainedodd said...

We've been much cooler also today and breezy.
Perhaps the Sudoku puzzle was more interesting than the trial!!!
I'm not a football person but I did see a bit of Holland in their bright orange shirts.

lsfp1960 said...

The temp is still down here too. least it didn't rain or blow today.  Monday & Tuesday were a nightmare !   Looking forward to warmer weather somewhere off in the future. The weather is yucky all over.    Linda in WA  

pprrrr39 said...

Well all i can say is the weather here is London is lovely today......... beautiful blue skies, sunshine and a slight breeze, better than all the rain we have had the last couple of weeks.
I love football............ i so wanted Holland to win the Euro 2008........ grrrrrr, but have to admit i loved watching all the games...... roll on August when the football season starts again.............Yes i know..... i am

The Welpie sounds at the roarshirt.
Take care
hugs Jayne