Friday, 13 June 2008

Cool and breezy

Slightly better temperatures (16C / 60F) and slightly better weather today. None of those heavy downpours we had yesterday. Spent the afternoon preparing for our trip north tomorrow - in other words, I will not be able to update until the weekend of June 21st/22nd. It's going to be 125 miles or 3 hours by train and 20 miles or 1½ hours by boat. If the weather does not change, it'll be a choppy last 20 minutes or so.

Funnily enough, I get the odd alert through on my pharmolo email account. Vish has promised that my complete AOL/AIM account will be restored to as much as the old situation as possible. It's blown up a little storm in a teacup over at ole AOL, on how customers like me are treated. As in, transferring from Paid to Free AOL.

Meanwhile, keep well all, I'll come back with a flurry of pics.


jeadie05 said...

Looking forward top your return Jan xx

sybilsybil45 said...

Look after yourselves..Have a good break, will miss your updates,  Sybil x

ceilisundancer said...

Ha, imagine you, voicing an opinion that has stirred up things:)  Well, GOOD.

As for your trip, I do hope it's fulfilling for you.  Sounds potentially fantastic.

60F would feel cold to me now, ha, then again, I was thrilled that the last storms dropped our temps over 20F rather fast (97 to over 100, down to 77 and below, all fahrenheit).

Enjoy your venture.

rjet33 said...

Have a wonderful trip.  Will be looking forward to the pictures!~



madcobug said...

Have a nice trip. Helen

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Have a wonderful trip Guido!

We've had some heavy downpours today....


jlocorriere05 said...

Have a good trip Guido, it'll do you good to get away for a while. Jeannette xx  

queeniemart said...

i will keep you close in my prayers and thoughts. You give em' hell, Guido!

kirkbyj05 said...

Don't forget a photo of the Lighthouse Guido!   Have a wonderful time both of you and come back with some lovely memories.

All the best

mutualaide said...

I too was a paying customer who decided to go to free service.  I had no trouble at all, at any time, but I worried like the dickens ... waiting for something to happen.  I think, unfortunately, it's the luck of the draw, so-to-speak.

wumzels2 said...

my dearest guido.........i have not had internet access for some time, and though i did hear that your dear mum had passed on, i wasn't able to contact you in any fashion to offer my condolences.  i recently lost someone close to me as well, so i share your grief.  do take good care of yourself, and above all, take time to grieve.  i lost my mom when i was 19, and now, at 54, i realize i have never actually given myself the chance to grieve.  someday i am going to have to do that.

i am so glad you are sharing with j-land again here at the shell gallery.  please keep in touch.  you have become very special to me with your kind spirit and compassionate ways.  

your friend in j-land,


lurkynat said...

Huggggggggggggggggs Guido!
yours truly, natalie