Tuesday, 10 June 2008


To answer a question or two from Jeanie. The carp you saw in the picture were coloured blue/grey, but appeared to have a golden sheen underneath. As a child, I was used to seeing carp in the entire riversystem, which flows the length of the village. One of the ponds further down

used to have orange-coloured carp in it. These days, the water is so troubled (by people walking their dogs in it) that you cannot discern anything in it.


jeadie05 said...

That is an amazing picture ,look at the reflections! ...love Jan xx

kirkbyj05 said...

Thanks for answering my question Guido.  It must have been wonderful to have once been able to see them serenely swimming in clear water.   Shame about the dog owners spoiling the water quality.
I'm really enjoying your photo gallery.  I'm still looking forward to your taking a photo of the lighthouse when you go to the islands.
Hope the weather stays nice for you both.

ceilisundancer said...

They walk their dogs in the water, or beside it?  Do you mean that they don't pick up the "refuse" from their dogs, and then it washes into the water (which can alter all sorts of things IN the water)?  Just trying to clarify the cause and effect that you mean.  

FWIW, My dog loves to walk alongside water, but doesn't go in, and of course I ALWAYS pick up......  but, we're a mite far away from that location:)

rjet33 said...

Tis a shame dog owners are not more responsible.  When I lived in Colorado, it was the law you had to clean up after your dog!~

Lovely photo.



lurkynat said...

pretty !