Monday, 2 June 2008


The thermometer is showing a temperature of 82F / 28C. Not my favourite sort of weather, so I'm desperate for the thunderstorms that are supposedly heading our way. You would not think so, looking at the glaring sun and the blue skies overhead. Down here we have saying that it's so hot, that sparrows fall dead from the roofs. Don't know if that dead young great tit succumbed to the heat, no telling. Probably just didn't make it. The rest of the week will be cloudier and cooler, with temps at or below 70F.

Finished preparations for the trip to the islands in just over 10 days' time. More for my dad than for me, a change of scenery will be good. Bit of a journey (6 hours), but we've done it many a time before. The lighthouse (now defunct) is the most prominent feature, although only 60 ft high, it stands on a dune of 120 ft.


kirkbyj05 said...

I'm with you on high temperatures...I am so greatful for my cool cellar in the summer where I can take refuge from the high temps.
I hope your Dad enjoys his islands trip.  I'm sure you will too.
That's a super lighthouse in the photo.  So colourful.   The foliage and the steps leading up to it were well balanced in the picture.  Well done you.


preciousone25 said...

I definitely prefer the cooler temps.  I'm dreading that summer heat.  Nice of you to take your dad on this trip, but don't be surprised if he starts missing home right away, it may be a little too soon, though he won't know that yet.  Went through this with my mom after my dad passed, she was fine for the first few days, then just wanted to come home, and had to cut the trip short.


rjet33 said...

Cool Picture!  Enjoy your trip!~



lurkynat said...

dear Guido,
wow! don't get a sunburn! lovely picture

mortonlake said...

lovely pics  guido   hope your dad enjoys the trip.  please take care  mort

carolelainedodd said...

We haven't had much sunshine here for a couple of days, but it's so muggy, it feels warmer than it is.
Love the photo of the lighthouse, don't much fancy climbing up those steps though.!!
I hope you both enjoy your trip. It might be just what you need.
Take care

madcobug said...

It's 88.7 here today and will get in the 90's by the end of the week.
I hope you and your Dad have a safe trip and that he will make it ok. That lighthouse is beautiful in that rustic setting. Helen

veluweman said...

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veluweman said...

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pprrrr39 said...

I guess by now you have taken your trip....... hope it turned out well

hugs Jayne