Thursday, 17 July 2008

Rainy ride

In spite of the damp forecast, we did set forth by wheel just after lunch. From the centre of Velp, it was northeast bound towards the Zijpenberg (nice ascent) and onwards further north towards the Imbosch, where we were only two days ago. As we arrived at the crossroads, the heavens opened, so we waited for a few minutes. Three other intrepid cyclists did keep going through the rain. After it dried up, the journey continued north towards the Loenermark. This is an area of woodland and heathland, with a few treacherous hills to keep you on the pedals. Once out on the western side, near the hamlet of Groenendaal, it was a straight run down the old Apeldoorn to Arnhem road. It runs close to the A50 motorway, which is busy. It is spanned by a cerviduct - I leave it to you to work out what that is. We returned home along the Koningsweg and then down the cyclepath past the cemetery. As we passed the Castle, the heavens opened again. Although it was but a brief shower, it has now been raining for nearly two hours.

I'll post a separate entry when I've uploaded all the pictures.


lsfp1960 said...

I admire your bike rides...I just sold another bike because of my poor old sore knee.  But I did mow the front lawn and trimmed, pruned and dead headed the flowers & roses in the garden...then watered everything.  That took me a couple of we're almost even in activity.  Today, I'm hoping to shampoo the carpet.  Linda in Washington state

mleppard06 said...

I haven't been on my bike for about 6 years!! I can't wait for my boys to be old enough to ride solo and go for rides together, even in the rain!! take care mrs t xx