Thursday, 17 July 2008

Picture links

Yesterday's pictures, about the walk round to the swimming-pool, can be seen here.
Today's pics, "Rainy Ride", can be viewed here.

A few images are a bit fuzzy; the light was low, and trying to take pictures from a bicycle when you're doing 10 mph in those conditions is asking for that.

Anyone got any ideas yet what a cerviduct is?


lsfp1960 said...

How about a wildlife overpass?   We actually saw one somewhere (maybe in eastern Nevada) on our road trip in Feb-March. Linda in WA

jlocorriere05 said...

The photos are lovely Guido, you live in a very scenic part of the world. I'm not sure but I think a cerviduct is a kind of crossing place for animals so they can get across to their habitat without ending up flat on the road. Jeannette xx  

justplainbill said...

what a cerviduct is>>>

My guess is that it is a sewer or drainage ditch that is elevated.
Nice pics, Bill

mleppard06 said...

hi guido, great pics TY for sharing them. A cerviduct is a wildlife overpass. i looked it up on the net! I love the net!!!lol take care mrs txx

luddie343 said...

"Rainy Ride" pix just so beautiful, I loved Avenue and Heathlands best.  CATHY

helmswondermom said...

I'm guessing here -- Cervine is a word that pertains to deer (Latin is cervinus) and a duct is a canal and the Latin root of duct is also associated with "traduce", which means to transport.  So is it a way for deer to move from one place to another??  I have never heard the word before, and I have never seen such a thing, but I don't know what else the "cervi-" part of it could allude to that would make any sense.

pprrrr39 said...

Very pretty pictures....... Cerviduct...... all i could find was this

two overpasses (cerviducts, ecoducts) (Fig. 4) were built to enable the red deer (hence cerviduct) to migrate from one side of the highway to the other