Sunday, 13 July 2008

Cycling the circle

We went out on wheel (to quote my dad) today, cycling around the city of Arnhem, without actually really going into the place. First port of call was the town of Oosterbeek, which is 7 miles away. It was at the centre of hostilities during Operation Market Garden in September 1944. A little ferry put us across the River Rhine to the town of Driel, which boasts an impressive weir-complex, where the barrages can be lowered (as they were today) at times of low water. Currently, the river runs at just shy of 9 metres; in winter it can get as high as 14 metres; 16 metres means it floods the dykes.

We then turned eastward, through a nature reserve at Meijnerswijk where horses roam wild. A warning is posted that horses can damage vehicles. The route took us under the three bridges that Arnhem has to the ancient city of Huissen. It is a formal city, although it is not terribly large. There is another ferry there, which brings you to the town of Westervoort on the river IJssel. A noise crossing by bridge took us into Velp and back home. I'm currently uploading the pictures, and due to the lateness of the hour, I am not going to annotate them today. Check back tomorrow for those.

I take the opportunity to also draw attention to yesterday's pics, taken in the forests near the town of Rheden. This place boasts its very own flock of sheep, which (until 1990) were grazed on the Heathlands, which I frequently mention on here. Small wonder the Heathlands now look more like grasslands, with no sheep to graze them.


rjet33 said...

I so enjoy your journal.  My son looked at these pics with me.  We really liked the tree with the strange roots.  It almost looked like people at the bottom.  He wants to know what kinds of trees those are.  As for me, I am curious as to how old your Dad is.  He must be in great shape to take such long bicycle rides with you everywhere.  :-)



gehi6 said...

I must say I was extremely surprised to see what you title wild horses in these photos, the last thing I expected.  I was able to get these photos on my computer but must go down to Doc's to get the AOL slideshow to slide properly.  I hope you and your dad are able to take long walks together.  That would be theraputic I would think in such lovely civilized surroundings.  I think of Europe as being supremely civilized from centuries of occupation.  Gerry  

mleppard06 said...

hi guido, the pics are great. The barage looked huge and imposing, but amazing, there was talk of one here, wonder if it would look like that? Loved the pics of the woods, the one of the tree roots reminded me of my paintings at uni, makes me want to pick up my brush again.take care mrs t xx