Sunday, 6 July 2008


Went to church today, partially because it is 250 years ago that a church was established in this village. The link with the local nobility was essential; without a substantial endowment from the Castle, the church would not have been there today.

Our church is quite unique, in that it doesn't look like a church from the outside. Some have likened it to a warehouse, with its two separate porches and hatches in the attic. Inside, all is reveiled though. Unusually, the wall either side of the pulpit is adorned by a large mural, stretching 30 by 40 feet. It shows two biblical scenes and three biblical quotes. The organ is situated on a balcony above the entrances. Today, that little house of God was nearly full up; my estimate is about 100 people. I felt it inappropriate to take pictures at this time.


lsfp1960 said...

I agree...but maybe you can go back when there is no service and get some pictures.  A church doesn't have to look like a church for God to be present.  The Bible says "where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name~I will be there."  My son's church meets in a movie theater Sunday mornings.  As they are leaving the theater people are there making popcorn and selling tickets.   Linda in WA

sybilsybil45 said...

Sounds an interesting building..hope we can see some photographs at some time.
We have just had an amazing thunderstorm and rain like a monsoon !! The dog is running about not knowng where to put himself, Mary's cat is looking on as if he is daft !!  what a daft pair of animals ....LOve Sybil xx

rjet33 said...

250 years of history.  Thats something!~



Bea said...

I've taken pictures in my church from time to time. Usually I ask the pastor ahead of time if it is okay. I've even talked to some of our congregants from time to time to get their thoughts on the matter. One family asked me to take pictures of her Baptism, which I did but, wouldn't you know, my batteries decided to go weak on me and I wasn't prepared with fresh ones. I do feel a bit uncomfortable taking pictures during our worship service because the flash is needed in the dim light of the sanctuary. If I were a stranger in the church, I would definitely not take the pictures. I love older churches, and the small ones, like my little country church near where I live.