Monday, 9 January 2017

Friday 6 January

Awoke to temperatures of -7C / 19F this morning, and when I went into town for the shopping it felt bitterly cold. Fortunately, the sun soon got to work and managed to raise the mercury to -1C / 30F, which isn't quite so bad. The ice conditions in the street, which has quite an incline, are so bad that it is practically impossible to negotiate the pavement, and the roadway itself is just about as bad.

P1065545 P1065547
P1065546 P1065550 P1065552
The blackbirds are having a field day with the sour cherry tree, which is full of fruit.

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Mary Degli Esposti said...

Sour-hmmm, a small portion of sweetened cherries has 27 grams of sugar, so the birds are perhaps carb-conscious? ;)