Friday, 21 December 2012

Thursday 20 December

Welcome back to the Shell Gallery, where I shall be blogging during my current stay in the Netherlands. I am staying with my father in a small village a few miles outside the city of Arnhem, which (in turn) is located 65 miles east of Amsterdam and 15 miles west of the German border.

I left Stornoway by plane at 11 am, and had precious few views along the way. A brief glance of the town before we went up into the cloud, and a glance of Loch Ness on descent into Dalcross airport, east of Inverness. 

PC200052 PC200053

After a very quick turn-around, I boarded the Amsterdam flight, now operated by a jet aircraft, rather than a turboprop which was on service last September. Again, hardly any views along the way, and when the plane touched down in Amsterdam it was raining, and visibility quite poor. The 3.15pm train took me to Utrecht, where I changed into the 3.53pm intercity service to Arnhem, which I reached at 4.30pm. 25 minutes later, the bus took me the remaining miles to my dad's place.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you enjoy your visit and the celebration of Christmas there with your family.