Saturday, 29 December 2012

Friday 28 December

A non-descript day in terms of weather here in the Netherlands, but ending on a very wil note over in the Western Isles. After the cancellation of all the ferries to the entire archipelago, winds rose to a sustained force 9, with gusts up to 86 mph.

I went to the shop to find a charger for rechargeable batteries, which I use in my GPS device. I do have one, but neglected to take the adapter for European electricity sockets with me, when I came to Holland last week. The first three shops all quoted me €35 (£30) for a charger plus 4 batteries, and even 4 loose batteries came to as much as €15 (£13). I was directed to a discount store, which gave me the lot for €5 - and yes, they do work.

I scanned and processed photographs from a Scottish vacation in 1981 today, bringing back memories from that year. Things have certainly changed.

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