Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekend 29 / 30 September

Well, here I am, back on the Shell Gallery, and you'll be getting a series of posts completely out of chronological sequence. As I type this, I still have not uploaded all 1,050 pictures I took during my holiday in Vlieland, but if you are one of my Facebook contacts, you will have gotten a good sample by now.

Today (Sunday) was a nice and sunny day in eastern Holland, and we went out for an hour's stroll, 3 miles, in the woods around the village. The streets were very busy with walkers, unusually so. The local agricultural college has organised a series of walks, varying in length from 9 to 50 miles (indeed, 50 miles). Wherever we went in the forest, we came across throngs of people, all on those walks. Not used to it.

Yesterday, Saturday 29th, I took the bus to the town of Rhenen, 16 miles west of here, to visit relatives that I had not visited there before. I had previously seen them last December. The journey took 90 minutes and involved three buses. The Dutch public transport system has a chipcard that gets charged for each journey you make, but you do have to remember to check in and out at the start and end of each leg of the journey. I enjoyed the trip, as Saturday too was sunny. I took the GPS along, and this showed a different trace for the outward journey on the road from Wageningen to Rhenen, than for the return trip - even though it was the same road. The problem occurred as a result of heavy woodlands on the Grebbeberg.

Tomorrow, Monday, I shall once again be busy most of the day, so I don't think I'll get down to much uploading of pics, or updating this blog regarding my Vlieland trip. However, I have it all written up in the word processor, so it's a question of copy & paste in a matter of minutes.

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