Sunday, 30 September 2012

Project X comes to Holland

I am ten days late commenting on this event, but Project X visited Haren, Netherlands, on September 20th. A kid put her Sweet Sixteen party on Facebook, but forgot to make it private. So, 1500 hooligans turned up in the town, burned cars, looted shops and fought pitched, running battles with police - in spite of the fact that it had been amply announced that there was no party. The hooligans (rent-a-mob variety) had come up from all over the country, and it says enough when I tell you that Haren is about 130 miles northeast of Amsterdam.

Blame Facebook? I'd say they had some part to play, with their blasted privacy settings. For events, they should be private (user-only) by default, with users having to actively select who to invite, or to actively make it public. However, there is never any excuse for wanton destruction and violence.

More factual information on this Channel 4 output.

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