Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday 28 September

Last day in Vlieland, boohoo. We finally leave the "Snik" (nearly with a sob, which is another meaning of Snik) at 9.45, and head down for the ferry. Leave the bags on the luggage carts, then wait for developments. The ferry docks at 10.30, and disgorges a large number of passengers. By 11.15, we're allowed on board, and take up position on the top deck. Half an hour later, the Vlieland gives its customary three hoots and sails away, for its 90 minute crossing to Harlingen on the mainland. It's a nice day, quite bright and not too choppy in the bit exposed to the North Sea. The island slowly fades into the distance, with Texel to the south, Terschelling to the north and Griend to the east. Passengers are enjoying themselves on deck, and downstairs in the lounges. At 1.20, we dock at Harlingen, and disembark on time to see the 1.30 train leave in front of our noses. Never mind, the 2pm train is next. The Arriva trains don't permit GPS signals to pass through the windows, leaving me with a 16 mile black-out on the trace. From Leeuwarden onward, there is no such problem. The Intercity trains provide free internet access, and I avail myself of the facility for as long as my battery allows. 40 minutes. Change at Zwolle, which involves going up 42 steps from platform 1 and down 42 steps onto platform 7. The service to Arnhem departs at 3.48pm and quickly takes us to Dieren, 6 miles short of our destination. A local sprinter, infamous in Holland for being looless, then whisks us to the destination.

P9288629 P9288627 P9288630 P9288631 P9288635 P9288645 P9288655 P9288661 P9288670 P9288675 P9288682 P9288688 P9288703 P9288709 P9288710 P9288717 P9288719 P9288724

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