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Wednesday 28 December

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Strong winds today, force 6 to 7 on the Beaufort scale. This made it feel very cold, and there was also occasional rain. Not a very pleasant day, but it was not so bad as to keep us indoors. After a quick foray into the village for shopping, we set out on foot across the island. First off along the shell-paved cycle-track towards Lange Paal, an old marker about 2 miles southwest of the village. This is now home to a back-to-basics campsite. Having come to Vlieland for 46 years, this was the first time I have seen the campsite completely empty. We then followed the marked walking trail through the forests and dunes to the Nieuwe Kooi, a mile further on. A Kooi (coy) is a place where wild ducks were once lured by half-tame ducks, and then caught for slaughter. No, not nice, but that's the way people used to eat. After a lunch by the old Kooi pond, we head for the beach at Dam [breakwater] 20, to return north and the bungalow. As we were blown north, we came across a seal pup. It was lying on its back, apparently quite content. Its mother was probably out fishing in the sea nearby. Warnings have been posted not to approach the seals, as they have vicious teeth. Upon return to the Bayhouse restaurant (which sits on the beach) we had a cuppa to warm up. We then wound our way through the forest and past the Tower Pond back to the bungalow.

I realise that I am bombarding you with a list of (half-translated) names of a place most of you will never have heard off. The map above probably doesn't help much, but I hope the pics compensate. The dreich weather doesn't do them much justice.

Near Lange Paal

At Nieuwe Kooi

Pad 20

Crossing to the beach

Seal pup

Along the beach

Beach restaurant


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