Sunday, 27 June 2010

Tuesday 15 June

Today, my eldest sister came up to join my father and I on Vlieland. She lives near Amsterdam so it's only a 70 mile drive up to Harlingen to jump on the boat. We picked her up from the ferry pier and took her to Karveel I to ply her with much needed coffee. At midday, we set forth by bike through the dunes to the Posthuys restaurant for some lunch. It is quite a breezy day, not all that warm, and although there are screens around the patio outside the Posthuys, the watercress and other loose bits and pieces that adorned our various lunches soon ended up on the floor. After lunch, we walked up and down the little dyke along the Kroonspolders, then slowly cycled back towards Oost Vlieland. It was still early so we flopped down by a roadside seat and lazed away some time before the ferry was due. By 4.45pm, my sister was on her way back after a very nice day out and about in the island.

Mars, built around 1905

Ferry docked

Weatherview - northeasterly breeze force 5

Bird reserve

One of the dozen-or-so "Water Paints" frames on the island

The beach at "Pad van 20"

Posthuys patio


Road through Bomenland [Land of Trees]

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