Saturday, 19 June 2010

Trip to Holland

Here I am again, back on the internet after a week's hols in the island of Vlieland. I have 1,111 pictures to go through, so bear with me on that score. The journey has so far gone quite well. I arrived into Amsterdam on June 10th amidst muggy and clammy conditions, something I was complaining of on Facebook at the time. The next day, it was foggy, spoiling the nice views on the ferry crossing to Vlieland, an island some 75 miles north of Amsterdam, and 20 miles off the coast of the northwestern province of Friesland. The weather cleared up late on the 11th, to stay mainly sunny right the way through until late on Thursday 17th. On leaving the island, it was wet and cold. There have been some changes in Vlieland, which I have been visiting all my life - since the mid 1960s. The nature side of it has hardly changed, apart from the introduction of Highland cattle. Yes, I can hear you think, travel away from the Scottish Highlands and Islands and what do you find? Highland cattle. As I said, I have many pics to process, and they'll turn up on my Veluweman account on Flickr. I'll post the link later; there are about 1.6 GB of pics to upload, which will take some time.

More later.


Jeanie said...

I had to smile at your seeing the Highland cows Guido.
I eagerly await your photos. You have taken a lot of views!
Nice to see you back again.

Sybil said...

Glad you are back in contact with us again...miss you when you are not around...Looking forward to seeing the photos soon. You sure have been clicking !! Glad you had reasonable weather. Like Jeanie I had to laugh at the idea of Highland Cows !
Sybil x