Monday, 28 June 2010

Final full day - 17 June

Another bright and breezy day, and we set off by bicycle to the dunes near the Posthuys, 5 miles away. Having parked the bikes at the beach crossing, we headed south towards the Vliehors. Upon arriving at the boundary, we found the red flags flying, meaning that a military exercise was underway and entry was forbidden. The northeasterly wind had the flags flying straight out. We headed towards the nearby Meeuwenduinen (Gulls' Dunes) and made our way back towards the Army Camp. Upon walking back north to the Posthuys, we saw a line of shellduck young crossing the road, with a flock of gulls diving in, thinking their lunch was crossing the road. A couple of cyclists were waving furiously to chase off the gulls. The adult shellduck shepherded their young back into the bushes. Shellduck and eiderducks lay their eggs in empty rabbit holes, taking their newly hatched chicks to the sea on foot. A road makes them very exposed to predators. Having arrived at the Posthuys, we had a cup of tea and a piece of applecake. We then slowly headed north towards the village. After returning to the bungalow, we had a paddle in the sea.

Pad van 30 [Path of Dam 30]

Trees along Pad van 30

Danger area


In the Meeuwenduinen

Highland Cattle - yes, we're still in Holland

Pad van 20

Goldfish pond "Klaas Douwes"

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