Saturday, 26 June 2010

Around the corner - 14 June

The northeastern cape of Vlieland is locally referred to as the northeastern corner (Noordoosthoek) of the island. Walking along the beach from the bungalow takes you there in an hour or so, then it's a quick jaunt to the marina. On the way, a clear view is had of the neighbouring island of Terschelling, a few miles to the northeast. After the marina, we walked through the village and I called into the cemetery to photograph about 50 wargraves. These are mainly of aircrew, shot down in action during the Second World War, and those washed up following shipwrecks due to mines at sea during the war.

Crossing onto the beach

Trawler heading out to sea

The shell gallery


Beached jellyfish

Along the beach

View of Terschelling

Sailing boat (dated 1906)


Hello puss

Old church


Linda's World said...

Beautiful pictures...makes me long to go to the beach. I especially loved the shell picture & of course the picture of the marmalade kitty. Thanks for sharing your beautiful corner of our world. Linda up way too early here in western Washington

Holly said...

Beautiful pictures!! I love the jelly fish :)

beach buoy said...

Hello some nice beach photographs
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beach buoy said...

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lovely photos