Sunday, 27 June 2010

Along the beach and back - 16 June

Another sunny and windy day, keeping the temperature around 16C but most enjoyable. After a jaunt into town by bike at 9 o'clock, we set off on foot down the beach, heading south. After a coffee break at the Pad 20 crossing (pad is Dutch for path), we traversed the island near the Posthuys, and went north along the periphery of the Bomenland plantation. Had lunch at the viewpoint, and then my father decided to take a wrong turning. It all ended in tears, or rather in a fox snare. Dozens of snares have been put up across the island to catch foxes, which some idiot has set loose in the place. We then walked the length of the Wadden Sea shore, or rather the line of dunes that separate the sea from the main road. It is a mildly elevated section (all of 20 feet above sealevel), which ends at Lange Paal, 2 miles south of Oost Vlieland. From there, we followed the main road into the village. There, we had an icecream and headed home.

Emerging from the forest into the Ankerplaats

Ankerplaats entrance

Anyone missing a rubber glove?

Anyone riding the cycle path in the dunes just has to go up the crossings and see the sea

Bomenland (Land of Trees)

Along the seashore

No caption necessary!


Sybil said...

Laughing at Route 66 !!! looks like you had a real good ride.
Sybil x

Connie said...

I also was laughing at Route 66-it goes way further than we ever have to be the most energetic person there is......