Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Winter's day

Another bright and sunny afternoon in eastern Holland, after an overnight low of -6C; which was the reading at 9 am. People are getting very excited now about the prospects of ice-skating. And the prospects of burning 60 to 70 million euros tomorrow night. Oh, it´s called the New Year´s fireworks display. Being in an afforested area means we won´t see much of anything, but hear all the more. I can foresee a repeat of some years back, when the fireworks brought on fogbanks with a visibility of less than 3 feet. I´m not exaggerating. Some people had to have their passengers walking in front of their cars, as they could not see beyond the bonnet (the hood for our American friends).

Can't say I'm altogether too impressed with HP. Bought a scanner from them back in May, great machine, but the software is cr*p. First, if you try to install on a computer without a password, it won't do it. Second, it now screams for a piece of installation that is nowhere to be found. Their users have alerted them for months, but nowt is being done about it.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have an HP and thankfully my son was home when I got it all and got it all connected for me. It works wonderfully. I was fortunate that he was home. I'm totally lost otherwise. Sorry I cannot be of help. Hope you enjoy the fireworks. I'm looking forward to a quiet evening at home. 'On Ya'-ma

Jenny said...

I have an all in one HP, printer, scanner, photocopier. I had no probs setting it up accept that you had to put rather a lot of software on i seem to remember. Anyway i hope next year will be a better one for you Guido.
Jenny <><