Tuesday, 30 December 2008

30 December

Yes, it's 1 am and I'm still awake. I've just gone through a lot of journals, leaving New Year's wishes. I'm not actively monitoring blogs at present, but didn't want to leave 2008 without going to the bother of calling round. I'm double-posting this on both Atlantic Lines and the Shell Gallery; Atlantic Lines is my main blog after all. The Shell Gallery takes over when I'm in Holland, like at present.

I'm very sad to note that Jeannette has suspended her journal Outside Looking In after what she has described as a particularly miserable Christmas. Other factors contributed to her decision as well. It is a decision I'm facing for the New Year myself. The year 2008 is one I'd prefer to forget, but can't. You all know why.

Please be careful if you let off fireworks for New Year, wrap up well if it's cold out and have a good 2009 if we don't cross paths again before hand.



Sybil said...

Hi There, Thanks as always for keeping us up to date on what happening in Holland...
I also hope that 2009 will be a much better year for a lot of us. Do remember though when you are mulling over what to do next that your journal is much loved by many of us and woudl be sorely missed...

Much Love as always Sybil xx

Carol said...


Bea said...

Guido, I am slow getting out and about amongst the blogs and journals myself. I am not faithfully following all the blogs I have listed to follow. They are the ones I want to follow. Every time I come here, and your other blog, Atlantic Lines, I am fascinated with the life you live. I understand that 2008 was a year you'd like to forget. The year I'd like to forget is 1997...I wasn't publicly journaling at the time, but I have the paper journals from that year. Time does ease the pains and sorrows, and though our lives have changed because of the tragedies, we do come out whole on the other side again. I hope to come back and visit you many more times in 2009. Don't leave entirely, but if you have to, come back from time to time. I will be looking for you in between the times I have been away from my blog as well. Be well. God bless you on the way, my friend.

Jayne said...


Well i have finally made in onto your journal.
Just wanted to leave a message and now i am going to play catch up.
Happy Belated New Year.

Please continue with your journal......... you would be sadly missed if you stopped posting.... i think you know that ;o)
Hugs Jayne