Monday, 29 December 2008

29 December

A very cold start to the day, with the mercury at -5C. It has now risen to freezing in brilliantly sunny conditions. Am off to Arnhem later today to replace my walking boots, which are giving up the ghost after 19 months of hard usage. I wear them every day.

Two people died in a house fire in Arnhem last night. The blaze swept through a property in the old quarter of St Marten at 2.30 am. When the fire service attended, they found one slightly injured man on the roof, but unfortunately two other occupants were found dead inside.

National winter pastime ice skating is prominent in the news, now that we've had a few days of low temperatures. Skating rinks have been flooded (and consequently frozen over). Open water is still way too dangerous, because the ice is too thin. One person has already gone through the ice, but lived to tell the tale. The freezing spell looks set to continue into the new year.

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Lisa said...

I saw the amish kids skating on a pond the other week. I was worried they were all going to fall through. It is common to have that happen around the southern end of our county.
Terrible about the fire, poor souls.