Friday, 10 June 2016

Tuesday 31 May

Today, the mist continues. It comes off the sea, which is cold at this time of year, and meets warm air over the island and the mainland. It looks and feels like haar, and keeps the temperature down. Undeterred, we set off by bicycle to the Posthuys Restaurant, 5 miles away, where the sun came out for our coffee and applepie with cranberry sauce. A ginger cat joined us for a moment. We then proceeded further south, to the former army base (now derelict) and the crossing to the North Sea beach, 6½ miles from town. The mist drifted onto the beach again as we returned to the cycles. Returning north, there was a lot of birdlife in the Kroonspolder reserves, geese, lapwings, ducks - and a hen harrier. We had a break at Bomenland, then went back to the Boeier along the Wadden Sea side of the island.

P5311256 P5311262 P5311271 P5311287 P5311290 P5311293 P5311297 P5311307 P5311319 P5311328
P5311335 P5311342 P5311345 P5311347 P5311358 P5311363 P5311365 P5311371 P5311373 P5311374 P5311381 P5311390 P5311391 

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