Friday, 10 June 2016

Thursday 26 May

Today's outing took place by bicycle, and stretched for 12 miles across the Heathlands north of here. To that end, we rode up the Scoundrels' Road to the main road north towards Apeldoorn, then branched off after 3 miles into the Eerbeekseweg, a rough track with metalled cycle track alongside. About a mile west of the Imbosch hamlet, we turned south and headed for home, 4 miles. I'm out of practice on the bike, and had some difficulty with the inclines, particularly the false level between the Eerbeekseweg and the Brandtoren, the fire watchtower. Our return went via the Zypenberg down to Velp, the next town.

P5261046 Scoundrels' Road
P5261048 Apeldoornseweg
P5261050 Iron Man
P5261051 Eerbeekseweg
P5261053 Terletseheide [Terlet Heath]
P5261060 Firewatch tower
P5261061 Koningsweg
P5261064 Zypenberg
P5261067 Pond near Velp

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