Friday, 10 June 2016

Thursday 2 June

Overcast and grey today, and feeling cold. Had to put a hat and scarf on today. Went through the dunes to Pad van 20, then to the Oude Kooi, a decoy for trapping wild ducks in years gone by. The apparatus has been restored, but is no longer in use. After the Oude Kooi, we went to the Posthuys for some lunch, which we had to take inside - but with the ginger cat sitting next to us. We then returned to Pad van 20 to walk to the Nieuwe Kooi. Finally, we returned to Oost Vlieland and the Boeier. It was cold and windy today. I went to a mobile fish & chip shop in the evening for dinner, and we went to the beach for a final time in the evening. This was our last full day in the island for this trip.

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