Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday 3 June

Brilliant sunshine right through the day. We had to rise early in order to clean the cottage, leaving it cleaner than we found it. I left my chalk drawing "Welkom in de Boeier" on the blackboard, for the next occupants. The Boeier is one of the few cottages in the Ankerplaats which remains in its virtually original state. It has been upgraded since 1971 to modern standards, I should hasten to add, and is a comfortable wee place. At 10 o'clock sharp, we locked up for the final time, and rode off to Oost Vlieland to drop off the keys at the Tourist Information Centre. After that, we headed off to Pad van 20, a 3 mile ride down the east coast. For too few minutes, we enjoyed the sun on the Wadden Sea coast, and the island tempted us to stay. But our ferry had to leave, with us on board, at midday, so at 11.30 we dropped off the bicycles and went on board. At 12 o'clock sharp, the hooter went, and the ship quickly made its way past the marina, past the North East Corner and out into the Wadden Sea. By 12.30, Vlieland had disappeared into the slight mist. We remained out on deck during the voyage. A small yacht crossed too close in front of the ferry, forcing it to reverse engines and slow down harshly. Fools. Arrived into Harlingen at 13.35, went to the station and joined the 14.16 service to Leeuwarden. A quick change across platforms into the 14.44 Intercity service to Zwolle, and we were away south. At Zwolle, we had to part company with my sisters, and an hour or so later, we were back home.

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