Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday 27 May

Today's cycle run was rather longer, over 25 miles. We started by going down to the banks of the River IJssel, south of Velp, then wound our way north through the towns of Rheden and De Steeg towards the bridge at Doesburg. Having crossed the river, we skirted Doesburg and Giesbeek as well as the major water sports facility at Rhederlaag. The little ferry took us back over to Rheden, so we could head for home. Pretty knackered after that distance, and in warm weather. It's a nice run, mostly on a level.

P5271072 P5271078 P5271082 P5271086 P5271087 P5271091 P5271093 P5271100 P5271103 P5271107 P5271108 P5271119 

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