Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Köln railway station, December 2010
My idea is that the mass sexual assault at Cologne on Sylvester (NYE) was an addition to the planned attacks on the railway stations at Munich. Those were foiled, and instead the attackers (or a number of them) used an equally unpleasant tactic. I think I can read them. "You don't take care of your women. We don't allow them out on the streets on their own, you see what can happen?" Well, that's just the malevolent few who abuse Islam as an excuse for their atrocities. The Cologne attacks rank alongside the Paris ones last year. It demonstrates the existential nature of the threat posed by Daesh and likeminded groups. Attacking the females is baseline stuff, it is paraphrased in fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf.

Again, I do not hold anything against true Muslims, of whom I know a handful, some were good friends when I knew them. Again, I do not hold this against the hundreds of thousands of unfortunates who came to Europe in despair, as a result of cynical politicking by their country's leaders. They continue to be the victims.

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