Sunday, 27 December 2015

Friday 25 December - Christmas Day

Attended church for the Christmas Day service at 10 am, and again, it was a full house. Like last night, the vicar (a different one) spoke great, uplifting words. I like coming back to our church, it's where I went to during my young years. In the afternoon, we took the train to see my sister who lives near Schiphol Airport. The journey was delayed because of a broken down train near Schiphol, and because of poor information at her local railway station, we ended up taking the wrong bus. That meant we had to walk for half a mile in rain and a cold wind. However, that was all soon forgotten after a cordial welcome with hot tea, biscuits followed by a sumptuous Christmas meal. We were given a lift back home, 75 miles, by the end of the evening.

PC258873 Arnhem Station
PC258881 Near Breukelen - notice the barges tied up for Xmas
PC258886 At Amsterdam Zuid station
PC258894 PC258895

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