Sunday, 27 December 2015

Saturday 26 December - Boxing Day

Tales of woe from Northern England which is once more being flooded badly. Storms continue to batter the northwest of Scotland - but here in eastern Holland, it is a calm, sunny and very mild day. Our walk took us north to the Koningsweg (King's Way), and back along the edge of the Heathlands.

PC268901 PC268902 PC268905 PC268909 PC268911 Along the Koningsweg
PC268916 PC268917

Friday 25 December - Christmas Day

Attended church for the Christmas Day service at 10 am, and again, it was a full house. Like last night, the vicar (a different one) spoke great, uplifting words. I like coming back to our church, it's where I went to during my young years. In the afternoon, we took the train to see my sister who lives near Schiphol Airport. The journey was delayed because of a broken down train near Schiphol, and because of poor information at her local railway station, we ended up taking the wrong bus. That meant we had to walk for half a mile in rain and a cold wind. However, that was all soon forgotten after a cordial welcome with hot tea, biscuits followed by a sumptuous Christmas meal. We were given a lift back home, 75 miles, by the end of the evening.

PC258873 Arnhem Station
PC258881 Near Breukelen - notice the barges tied up for Xmas
PC258886 At Amsterdam Zuid station
PC258894 PC258895

Thursday 24 December - Christmas Eve

A little more overcast today, but that didn't stop us venturing out, this time a little further east. Although the distance wasn't that big, it was a hilly walk. It led over the end-moraine of the glacier that lay here 10,000 years ago, and it went up and down quite a bit.

In the evening, we joined a full church for the Watchnight service in church, as choristers. All were subsequently treated to a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate. Nah, it wasn't really cold.

PC248843 PC248846 PC248849 PC248850 PC248853 PC248855 PC248857 PC248858 PC248860 PC248862 PC248866
The pictures show two memorials. The small rock is in memory of a dozen young men, aged 19 to 35. They were summarily executed near the Emma Pyramid on 13 December 1944, for acts of resistance against the occupying forces of Nazi Germany. The stone bench is a civic memorial for an event in 1920, but the white blotches betray a gruesome addition. They are bullet marks, left by Nazi forces, helped by a collaborator, again in 1944. Three men were summarily executed there, also for resisting the occupier.

Wednesday 23 December

Quite a nice, bright day, and continuing mild. Our afternoon outing took us through the woods to the edge of the Heathlands. Spent the morning going through some old paperwork, some of it very old - going back to 1988. Don't need that anymore, so the recycling bank is going to be filled up nicely by the time I'm through with it.

PC238810 PC238815 PC238820 PC238823 PC238828 PC238830 PC238833 PC238835

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Tuesday 22 December

A very dark and overcast day, with a stiff breeze. By local standards, it was a windy day. Went to get rid of some recycling (glass). Our walk took us through the woods, once more, with exactly the same distance covered as yesterday: 4 km. Went in a different direction though, but ended up on the Scoundrels' Road again.

PC228804 PC228798 PC228794 PC228792
PC228793 This sign has grown into the tree!
PC228789 PC228787 PC228786

Monday 21 December

A little brighter today, but also breezier. After lunch, we went out on our customary afternoon stroll, a little longer today - 4 km. The route took us through the woods, outside the Castle Country Park, to the Scoundrels' Road, and back into the village. We had to nip into the church on the way back.

PC218775 Art Nouveau fireplace
PC218764 Church Street
PC218758 PC218757 PC218752 PC218751 PC218747 PC218746 Outside the old school

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sunday 20 December

Quite a nice day, with a lot of mid-level cloud, but also plenty of mid-winter sunshine. Attended church this morning, and joined the choir for the period that I'm here (until the middle of January). After lunch, went for an amble into the Country Park around the Castle. Nobody else there but my dad and myself. Sunset 4.30pm, nearly the shortest day.

PC208737 PC208731 PC208727 PC208729 PC208724 PC208717 PC208711 PC208706 PC208704 PC208698