Saturday, 10 January 2015

Tuesday 6 January

There is outrage over the fact that there are people who don't know who Paul McCartney is. Oh bliss. I so hate the entire celebrity thing, not to mention those reheated hasbeens like "Macca". Not to mention the "Stones" who were resurrected from their musical sarcofagii to perform at some pop-do over here in Holland in 2014. Listen guys. You've made oodles out of us all way-back when. Give way to new talent. Erm, what talent?
Been for a 5 mile walk through the woods and the periphery of the heathlands. It's a cold day here, but little wind. On the fringes of the heathlands, which are fairly high up (about 300 feet), there were still vestiges of snow in the eaves of the surrounding forests. However, temperatures are set to rise to as much as 12C / 54F by the weekend, so that snow will soon have gone. 
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