Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday 21 December

Today is winter solstice, which will occur at 11.03pm GMT.
Attended church for the 4th Sunday in Advent service, during which I participated as a chorister.
After lunch, we went for another walk in the woods, but this time in the opposite direction, to the forests bordering the neighbouring town of Velp. We made for the Emma Pyramid, a work-creation project from the 1920s, then explored new paths by heading south onto the outer perimeter of Velp itself. That's a pretty large town, population about 20,000, three miles northeast of Arnhem. Two memorials to summary executions during the Second World War; one at the Emma Pyramid, where about a dozen young men, aged 19 to 35, where shot in December 1944; the other about a mile away on the fringes of Velp, for three resistance men who had been shopped by a bent copper. The copper joined Nazi forces in spraying the three men with a hail of bullets, some of which struck the memorial against which they had been lined up. The memorial, for a civic event in the 1920s, is a strange juxtaposition to the atrocity committed against it. One bullet obliterated the final numeral in the year of the original event. Distance walked: just short of 3 miles, 4.6 km.

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