Saturday, 20 December 2014

Friday 19 December

The day started very windy and wet, but gradually both wind and rain abated. After 3pm, we got some blue skies, but had little time to enjoy them, as sunset here is at 4.35pm. By the clock, an hour later than in Stornoway, although in fact sunset occurs at precisely the same time in these two locations. Sunrise is a different matter: 8.48 am here in Holland, but 9.15 am in Stornoway, which equates to 10.15 am in Holland. And there are still people who want to put the UK on continental time. Lunacy.

Tomorrow's weather will be showers of hail, rain, thunder and the kitchen sink. The same, again, as in Lewis, where apparently one hailshower threw down marble-sized hail that broke the rear window of a car in Ness.

The political crisis in The Hague has been averted, although by using some not entirely kosher political constructs. You could call it circumventing parliament; if the Bill is voted out by the Upper House, the government will issue a decree (last used in May 1940, when the country was being invaded by an enemy force) to make the law happen anyway.

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